Welcome to the Santa ID Generator!

Get Started:

Step 1: Click Here to Santafy yourself
Note: Save the pic to your hard drive when you're done.
If you prefer to use photoshop I'm going to assume you know what you're doing
so just use this template and put your cropped pic in the right place.

Step 2: Pick a Template for Your ID:

Step 3: Select the santafied picture of yourself:   

Advanced Options:

If you have a Windows Mobile Smart Phone you can use these instructions to generate Santa Ids directly on the phone.
(tested on HTZ Ozone running Windows Mobile 6.1)
Regular Template  |  Polariod PoGo Optimized Template  (Right click the link and "Save As...")

  1. Download the template(s) to your computer (Note: there are two, one looks better just for pictures and the other is optimized for use with the Polaroid Pogo Bluetooth printer)
  2. Open Active Sync > Click on the Tools Menu > Explore Device
  3. Open the folder called Templates and transfer the Template(s) there
  4. On the phone, open the camera > Menu > Templates and select your template of choice
  5. If you have a Polaroid Pogo bluetooth printer, after you have taken the pictures, find them in the file browser and "beam" them to your printer (note: you will have had to have set up a bluetooth pairing link previously)

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