we need light, not incandescent, or even flourescent, but real acutal honest to god photons streaming straight from our sun, the creator of all life on this planet.

Cascading despondant investigation leads to the immaculate conception of the one and only true god

Mistaken not to be of, but not quite, featureless aborration of this wristwatch-like orafice that we wear. But is it really there? or can we merely see that which we grasp unto the bossom of our carpentered lives not to relenquish thought.   Gradual decline of the mental process leads to the degeneration of the simulacrum of spurnious solliloqy beyond that which is not seen as ovulated therapy entanglement of this jealous fit of rage ensuing upon our merciless minds all that is not meager.

Canst thou oppose?

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